Convert Your Detached Garage into a Living Space

Published: 18th August 2010
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With house sizes decreasing and living spaces getting cramped up, making use of your outdoor areas like your garage seems like a great option. But what does one do, if they own a detached garage? Unlike the attached garage, there is not much that you can really do, with a detached garage except for turning it into your car garage or a workplace. However, there have been some really successful plans that have worked with detached garages. You can in fact get your grey cells rolling and firstly make a note of the extra space that you would really like to have as part of your home. For e.g. you could choose to convert your detached garage into a nice guest room, or you could even convert it into a nice big kitchen and dining space separate from your home. These are a few brilliant ideas, especially if your detached garage is not very far from your main home.
Converting your existing detached garage, into a nice big spacious room or a storage pantry room with a kitchen and a large dining area, especially if your garage is in your side yard is a good option. You could even convert the part of your detached garage that receives the most sunlight and has a grand view, into a beautiful sit out area. This should define the outdoor space and even add in a lot of light and warmth into your new room.

There are a few details, you need to take down, before you even decide to tear and rip down unnecessary parts of your detached garage.

Make A Plan Ė You always need to start with a plan. It is necessary that you know what you want from your space. This will make, building your detached garage into a nice spacious out room or big detached kitchen an easy task. If you are planning on a detached kitchen, you need to first make sure that you really want one that is not part of your main home. You and your family should be comfortable enough to walk down to your nice big kitchen area. If itís an extra room that you are planning to build, you will need to be sure if itís for a guest or if itís for your teenage kid.

Materials Ė Decide on the kind of interiors you want, this will give you a larger picture of the materials you will want to use indoors. For e.g. if you want to have a nice big traditional looking kitchen, then opt for wood or if you are looking at a modern and futuristic look, then there are other material available. If you are planning to convert it into a guest room, then think of the necessary furniture that you will need, the furniture you use in a guest room will definitely be much different from a room for your teenage kid.

Check Your Detached Garage Ė Once you have the initial plans ready, give your detached garage a nice check. Look if you need to add in plumbing or if you need to repair the already existing plumbing. Also make a note of the ventilation in your garage, there should be free flowing air, so that the room is well ventilated. You donít want to eat or cook in a stuffy kitchen, neither do you want to have your guest or kid living in a claustrophobic room. You also need to check the flooring to make sure that there are no damages to it. You might have to either change the flooring or you might even have to repair the existing one with slight touch up. The next is to make a note of how the exterior of the detached garage is for e.g. the door, the roof and the outside walls.

These are a few ideas that will help you get started into converting your detached garage into a living space.

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